A New Paradigm Of Information Management

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Today’s 21st century has developed into an exceptional technological age. A new paradigm of information management through various electronic devices and systems. Such an evolution of technology has disrupted and altered the manner in which several organizations conduct business. Not to mention, that it has generated an inevitable societal change. In fact, such an extraordinary development of information technology has led numerous of businesses to compete, replicate, and adapt in order to maintain a competitive advantage and survive. Besides, adapting to the utilization of electronic devices, organizations have to adapt to certain elements of security measures. Given the significance of such an evolution and the safeguarding of information, one will focus on the elements of computer security. As previously mentioned, the information age has brought forth several technology devices, like computers, tablets, servers, and iPhone, to mention a few. These electronic devices are utilized to store, retrieve, and process information (Mark, 2002). For instance, computers can be utilized to type documents, search the internet, and store personal or professional data. Fortunately, the data entered into electronic devices, such as computers can be successfully stored and shared, due to the implementation of servers (Mark, 2002). Hence, these new and advanced electronic devices and software have facilitated the process of conducting day to day activities for both personal and

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