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Pentatonix recently released a new single of John Legend’s Imagine on their YouTube page and with their incredible grace left a message for the viewers like never before. During the video, each member holds up a white piece of cardboard with a label to describe themselves, LGBTQ+, American, Black, Christian, Jewish, then would hand it over to the next person with that label that also describes them but they would then flip the cardboard over to reveal a new word. The chain continues showing that one person may be American and Jewish, but someone else is American and Black. Then to complete their message at the end of the song each member holds up a piece of cardboard together spelling out Human. The group Pentatonix with …show more content…

(Performing, arranging, career planning etc.). Despite our varying races, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, genders & political views, we are able to live as one & RESPECT each other. Our nation (and world) feels more divisive than ever, and we believed it was important to take advantage of our ability to showcase that diversity IS harmony. We hope you enjoy our cover of John Lennon 's timeless classic "Imagine" and that it brings you infinite light and love. (Scott H)
This video is meant to unite the world and add support to the fight against discrimination, yes, everyone is different and unique, but their point is that despite all the differences everyone is still human and that is what unites us as the human race.
Argument 1:
The world we live in today is extremely diverse and with such diversity, stereotypes arise in order to “organize” people into groups, these stereotypes as argued by many commenters are meaningless. As mentioned in the video we are all human and the labels people identify themselves with are transparent and the human aspect is what counts. This idea that “divine” or social matters are not of utmost importance relays back to the ideals of humanism, an idea, stating.
Humanism is a democratic and ethical life stance that affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. Humanism stands for the building of a more humane society

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