A Person With Mental Illness

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Even without a mentally ill child, a person with a mental illness will still struggle career-wise. First and foremost, employers who are diagnosed with a mental illness are more likely to make less income than employees who do not suffer from a mental diagnosis. According to the Family Guidance Center, seventy percent of individuals diagnosed with mental illness make an average income of $ 20,000, due to the fact most are unable to work in certain conditions or at all ( Family Guidance Center). It is difficult for people with mental illnesses to find a higher paid job either from the circumstances they cannot work under or from the stigma they receive from others. At the same time, employers who have a mental illness may need to take longer leaves of absence or miss work more often than …show more content…

It is probable that long leaves of absence are due to stress, anxiety, or depression. Particularly, it is hard to manage stress in the workplace because it can relate to job uncertainties, poor work relationships, lack of control, and a poor support system (Fit for Work). It is important for employers with mental illnesses to take a leave of absence to manage their mental health. Also, citizens who show symptoms of having a mental illness are at a higher risk of getting in trouble. Actually, when people show signs of significant mental illnesses they are more likely than others to be arrested, or spend more time incarcerated (Corrigan). In other words, when a person is being convicted their chances of going to jail increase when they show prominent signs of having a mental illness. Altogether people who suffer from a mental diagnosis also suffer

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