A Personal Review Of The Shot-Personal Narrative

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There was 1:01 left I watched the clock. Tick, tick, tick. The clock was going so fast. I glanced at my dad giving me the signals. My head was in a knot. I was nervous and confused. I thought long and hard. I have got to do this! My hands were trembling with fear and excitement. I passed the ball. Then I cut very sharp, caught the pass, and went for the shot. Swish! I ran back to play defense and they were passing it like crazy. I blocked the next pass. I started to run fast and then boom. I got shoved. It was like a semi truck hitting a smart car. I got up like a jack in the box. My knee was bleeding. I put a huge bandage on it.
I had to shoot two free throws. I swished the first free throw and second. There was 49 seconds left. I was so happy we had to play good defense, but at the same time I was nervous. I was trembling so much. I had butterflies in my stomach. They would not go away. …show more content…

I was so mad. We were on defense because I fouled him. He missed the free throw. I got the rebound and was hustling down the court trying to get to the other side. It felt unreal. I stopped at the three point line and was going to shoot it. Then I stopped for a second to let the defender get close, then I shot it, and swished it in. “9 seconds left” I screamed. I was thinking it’s going to be over, we have to hold them. They got the ball and passed it to there best player, and I blocked it, then shot it and then swish. We were winning with 4 seconds left.
They passed the ball with 0 seconds left. We won, my teammates jumped on me with joy. We shook there hands and said, “good game”. We only beat them by 5 points. My dad gave me a hug and said, “good game” to me. I felt like I could do anything in the world . I felt unstoppable. I ran to the bleachers screaming like a

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