A Pit Bull Is The Best Nanny Any Child

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A Pit Bull is the best nanny any child can have” are words that Mayor Denis Coderre could not bear to hear after introducing a bylaw regarding breed specific legislation, commonly shortened to BSL, on September 27 2016. The bylaw comes on the heels of an incident that has taken place in June, where a woman in her fifties was mauled to death by what the city believes to be Pit Bull—it is important to note that a DNA test has yet to confirm this, however—and in response, the mayor opted not to condemn the owner of the dog but rather an entire breed. While the decision has been made in an effort to reinforce public safety, Mayor Coderre has chosen to not get to the root of the biting problem, instead he simply covered up a bigger problem by not holding owners accountable, therefore setting the new bylaw up for failure. The overall bias regarding the correlation between dog bites and breeds, the underlying causes which prompt a dog to bite, a veterinarian’s right of not putting a dog down solely based on appearances and the SPCA’s threat to end all their canine services as well as their intent to sue the city are more than enough evidence to suggest that a different route ought to be taken in order to lower dog-bite statistics.
First of all, bias in relation with dog-bite statistics is a growing phenomenon, and given that many record go off of what bite victims say in regards to breeds, there is room for mistakes to be made. Zak George, former presenter of the TV show

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