A Prayer for Owen Meany

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A Prayer for Owen Meany In A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving, Irving portrays the relationship between faith and doubt within the struggles of Johnny, which in the end alienates him from a normal, human life because the miraculous moments he has encountered changed him and vanishes all his doubt. However, it demonstrates that he is living in the past, which has causes grief and anger for his lost best friend, which has kept him from living normally. In the beginning of the novel, it demonstrates that not only is Johnny “doomed” to remember Owen, but shows that his past continues to haunt him; although, he gains faith, the tragic events shape him into a whole different person (1). The beginning of the novel also shows that within…show more content…
This presents him from a living a normal life because he is focusing on the negative aspects of the miraculous moment he encounters; although it is tragic, Johnny tries to prevent God’s plan from happening to Owen. Later, he realizes that he could not and God is unstoppable. Canon Campbell points out to Johnny that he lives “in the past” and has a “head for history which has affected their relationship because Johnny was once “close to Canon Campbell,” but he is focusing more on the past and ignoring the present (203). This demonstrates that Johnny is retreating into his past memories which affect not only his relationship with others, but him as well. Although Johnny retreats occasionally back in the present, Johnny’s life as a Canadian citizen shows a hint of ambiguity in terms of his emotional stability. His feelings of bitterness and hatred show signs of depression which ties into his hallucination of Owen in his grandmother’s basement. Johnny feels “a small, strong hand” pull him “forward from where” he stands and hears “Owen’s voice” say “DON’T BE AFRAID” because “NOTHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO” him (517). His hallucination of Owen plays a role in his loss of doubt whereas he sees this also as a miracle. Losing a loved one can cause great signs of grief and takes effort for someone to overcome depression. Death has the capability of testing one’s faith, which in Johnny’s,

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