A Recent Change Within Staples Inc.

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In a recent change within Staples Inc. they have begun to shut down 140 of its 330 stores located across North America under scoring the pressure that big box retailers feel from rival e-commerce and discount players. With the end of the plan resulting in 225 stores being closed down as a choice of Staples trying to reduce their square footage. Due to this change within the company Staples Inc. must take in to account what this change will do to their company’s infrastructures, price, services, and its reputation. An effect from this down size that Staples Inc. many weaknesses have arose within the company itself that should be taken into consideration before they become a major threat to the company. The first weakness that Staples Inc. has encountered since they made the new change to their global market is that they now have less available infrastructures. Not all customers like to shop online although it is the new trend and saves many different natural resources. To those that are not used to the technology era and like people to assist them when making purchases in person will find this change greatly difficult. That target market is going to decrease in numbers which is going to be an issue when Staples begins to calculate income. To the customers that would like their products instantly instead of waiting business days for the products they had ordered will probably change their preferences and switch to other stores that offer…

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