A Reflection On The 12 Brain Rules

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A Reflection on the 12 Brain Rules
Faduma B. Khalif
Dominion High School

A Reflection on the 12 Brain Rules
In a modern world so driven by hard-work and productivity, it is essential to not only know how the brain works, but to be able to apply key psychological principles to your daily life in order to capitalize on one’s own brain. The 12 Brain Rules, 12 fundamental concepts that explain how the brain works and how to care for it, show how scientific investigations and experiments have unlocked keys to the brain. Five of the 12 Brain Rules, the ones involving sleep, stress, memory, attention, and vision as the dominant of the five senses, are very clearly supported by events in my life as well as expanded upon by new information in the the book, Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School.
Sleep is an integral part of live and we cannot function without it. Despite knowing this very well, many people try to anyway. I remember the 3rd quarter of my freshman year, my classmates and I had been given a lot of schoolwork. I remember upperclassmen making jokes to us about how they had gone through phases of ‘not sleeping’ where they would basically live off caffeine and a use a whole slew of other tactics to minimize the amount of sleep they got in order to keep up with their work. During these times my classmates and I would host sessions of “3 AM club”, where we would stay up till the eponymous time as a class and
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