A Report On Aluminum Recycling

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Aluminum recycling is the process by which scrap aluminum is reprocessed to be used in products after its initial production. Aluminum producers and recyclers in the aluminum industry work with individuals, businesses, and communities to enable both curbside and industrial recycling programs. For most aluminum products, the metal is not consumed during the products lifetime, but it is simply used making it easy to recycle without losing its intrinsic properties. Used beverage container (UBC) recycling is the most recognized of the aluminum recycling programs. However, end of life recycling of certain products like building parts and cars allows for the production of recycled materials like window frames, wire, tubing and electronic parts. The following is step by step process of aluminum recycling:

Collection of Scrap Aluminum

Drinks cans, aluminum foil trays, and aerosol cans are collected from homes, streets and garbage collection centres by hired individuals or business people who major in aluminum collection. They are sometimes mixed with steel cans. The scrap aluminum is then collected together and then it is transported to the treatment plant.


The mixed metals (aluminum and steel cans) are taken to a materials recovery facility where they are cleaned, sorted into different metal streams and later compressed into bales. This step is very important in ensuring that the aluminum is separated from other metals. It is important to point out that drink cans
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