A Research Study On Hot Spot Policing Essay

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There have been numerous studies conducted on the state and federal level by universities and law schools on hot spot policing and the affects of community policing; however most of the studies conducted were to analyze if the hot spot policing moved the criminal activity out of the high crime area to the surrounding areas. Most of the studies examined the recidivism of crime in previously designated hot spot areas where certain policing techniques were utilized to gain compliance with the laws not the prevention of crime. Is the law enforcement technique known as hot spot policing being properly utilized to remove and deter criminal offenses in a specific area and keeping offenders from re-offending? Or is law enforcement not utilizing information that is readily available to them to properly address repeat and violent crimes by targeting those whom are most likely to commit a specific crime while properly educating the communities affected by the crimes?
To have the ability to give a thorough and constructive review one must understand what hot spot policing is. As defined by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) “hot spot policing is a popular policing strategy that addresses crime by assigning limited police resources to areas where crimes are more highly concentrated.” In simpler context, where there is a lot of crime, law enforcement will send more officers and resources to the area until the illegal activity stops.
To define an area where the hot spot policing

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