A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

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Society must come up with a different way of judging people. The amount of people that get judged without fully understanding someone is unreal. People have their own experiences throughout their lives that makes them different, and society must come to terms in understanding everyone before they judge. In the short story “A Rose for Emily”, written by William Faulkner, people within the town attempted to understand Miss Emily’s struggles and tried to judge her accordingly. Throughout the story Miss Emily Grierson struggled as a developing character with many internal conflicts. One of Miss Emily’s biggest internal conflict came from her attachment to her father. The story states how Miss Emily’s father drove away all the young men interested in her. This allows readers to assume the only other person Miss Emily had any type of personal relationship with was her father. After his death Miss Emily went into a state of shock, and the villagers understood how she felt. However, the death of Miss Emily’s father had a much greater impact on her character than the villagers thought. She would never fully feel that type of personal relationship again in her sad life, and that changed her outlook on life forever. Another incident in her life that sparked more internal conflict for Miss Emily was when her sweetheart abandoned her. Miss Emily’s sweetheart got mentioned once throughout the story, but his impact was immense. The townspeople believed the two would get

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