A Rough Patch for School Music Programs Essay

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It came to my attention that there was clearly a problem when all that the band directors addressed at band concerts, from the local school concert to the district performance, was that the music programs were currently going through a rough patch. Budget cuts, an increased focus on “test” subjects, and loss in popularity of music activities have caused the quantity and quality of high school musicians to decline. With all of the impressive benefits of being a musician, it is crazy that student instrumentalists are an endangered species.
Especially in this time of recovery from the recession, budget cuts have forced music programs to decrease exponentially, or shut down altogether. There are countless cases from all different types of …show more content…

Research findings show that 21% of seniors in the class of 2004 have participated in school music ensembles, a decline of about 10% from 1982. Teenagers today enjoy listening to rap and pop songs rather than compositions by old men Tchaikovsky or Beethoven. Even if high school bands do not play classical music, there is a distinct difference between current music and band music. Also, teenagers today are exceedingly preoccupied with their studies, extracurricular activities, and jobs. Therefore, one usually has to decide which activity to focus on more or completely – sports or music, both activities that are equally time consuming. High school athlete participation has increased for the 24th consecutive year so far. Sadly, music does not prevail; there are not nearly as many student participants in high school music programs. The population of high school musicians in the US is shrinking. This is due to both schools putting music programs on the chopping block to save money and focus on core subjects, and students who today seem to have lost more interest in musical activities. Now more than ever, kids are less exposed to music activities in school, thus there is a smaller chance of one becoming involved in the music program. Even so, purchasing new instruments for the student and school is now difficult. Furthermore, the reduction of music educators leads to an overall poorer teaching of musicality. School music

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