A Scrap Of Time And Other Stories

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In “A Scrap or Time and Other Stories”, Fink 's writings challenge this idea of restraints of moral behavior on critical situations, for example those who were either compelled or forced to go to Germany to do “charitable” labor for the Reich. The question really was, can they be judged by standards that overcome in these ceasefire societies? Fink tells individual stories in a modest way, in the sense that she seems to avoid using ordinary words. Instead, she uses images, symbols, and metaphors, especially those originating from nature to highlight these facts that allude to the overall picture of the short stories. This can be seen in the opening story, “A Scrap of Time, "The Garden That Floated Away," and "A Spring Morning." This very sense of symbolism and metaphors as well as the minute details throughout the stories as a whole aid in providing a coherent pieces that allows the reader to distinguish the fact that many of the stories are not only interrelated but written by the same author. In the stories, many of the people mentioned are influenced by two types of memory the flat one which records the predictable everyday events, and the jagged one which influences deeply into the unconscious layers of the mind. In “A Scrap of Time” this very essence of a flat memory that described the predictable was quite evident within the first couple of paragraphs, “I had left my house after eating a perfectly normal breakfast, at a table that was set in a normal way.” (pg. 4)
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