A Sense of Atmosphere in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

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A Sense of Atmosphere in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Introduction: The tension and suspense in the novel begins with the title, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It makes you want to know what the strange case was and how it affected the characters. One day, Utterson was out walking with the town distant kinsman Mr. Enfield when they passed a house Mr.Enfield tells Mr Utterson a strange case about the house. Description of the house makes reader feel mysterious. It is very strange compared to other houses. Appearance of the house foreshadows Mr.Hyde because the atmosphere of the house gives a sinister that it is clearly cold and unwelcoming just like its owner. …show more content…

The house and name of Hyde gives secrecy. As I have written before, Mr.Enfield description of the house adds mystery. Cannot see inside, nobody goes in and out but once in a great while. Which creates very mysterious atmosphere and tension on the reader and Mr.Utterson? The name 'Hyde' sounds mysterious as well. It very sounds like 'Hide', not to be seen. Gives mystery but nothing. All the description about Mr.Hyde is strange to the reader. "There is SOMETHING (gives mystery) wrong with his appearance; something downright detestable. "He gives a strong feeling of deformity." Writer tries to give very little information about Hyde, and it is not definitely horrific but reader gets the feeling or a presence of horror and very strong mystery. Mr.Enfield says, "Let's make a bargain never to refer to this again." Reader and Mr.Utterson wants to know more about Hyde to solve the mystery but Enfield's wants to forget about him. Reader and Mr.Utterson knows just a little bit about Hyde and it is quite puzzled. Puzzled knowledge creates mystery and makes reader to desire for solving the mystery which also leads us to creating a sense of atmosphere. Characters: There are four characters in opening chapter of the novel: Hyde, Utterson, Enfield and Cain heresy. But I will be referring to the three main ones. Mr Utterson is a

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