A Sentence Outline : Euthanasia

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Emily Karlovitz March 18, 2015 Full Sentence Outline: Euthanasia Introduction: Envision a life where you cannot walk, see, or barely even speak, let alone breathe easily. You had a great, long life until this terrible, incurable illness hit. The pain is unbearable, just the thought of moving hurts. Your family has been there for youx every step of the way when you begin to think, could ending your life be the answer to the pain? You are in more pain than you and your family can even bear and you know you will never live a normal life again. You feel defeated and lifeless, but this could all be gone so easily. This situation is a very real situation for many people, these people should be able to make their own choices and have control of their own lives. Topic Introduction: Euthanasia is a term still new to many of us, it comes from the Greek word which translates to ‘good death’. It is when you end your life voluntarily in a relatively painless way. Euthanasia is categorized in different ways, which include voluntary, non-voluntary, or involuntary and active or passive. According to an article by the Bruxeles Association, there are four components that would need to be requested in order for euthanasia to be practiced, voluntary request, persistence, well-thought our decisions and the patient must be informed (Bier). Preview: There are many reasons that Euthanasia should be legalized in the world. Euthanasia is about giving people the right to choose how they

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