A Separate Peace Study Guide Answers

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A Separate Peace Study Guide
Chapter 1
1. What is the point of view of the novel? 1st person
2. How long has it been since the narrator left the Devon School?15 yrs
3. Where is Devon located?New Hampshire
4. What “fearful sites” does the narrator visit? Stone steps of First Academy building and tree by river
5. During what season of the year does the narrator return to Devon? In what season of the year does the action of the narrator’s remembrance begin? Fall (November) Summer (flashback begins in summer)
6. What is the year of the action that the narrator is recalling? (time frame for flashback) 1942
7. Who jumps from the tree? Finny (Phineas first – then Gene)
8. Why is the jump from the tree dangerous? Had to jump out (not straight
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What is Finny’s fourth commandment? “Never accuse a friend of a crime if you only have a feeling he did it
7. Where does Gene visit Finny after he returns from summer vacation? At Finny’s house in Boston
8. How does Finny react when Gene tells Finny what actually caused the fall? Gets angry – refuses to believe him – tells him “I’ll kill you if you don’t shut up!”
Chapter 6
1. Hoes does the fall session differ from the summer session?Much stricter rules – more students – teachers much firmer
2. How is Mr. Pike dressed on the opening day of school? Naval uniform
3. What two rivers flow through Devon? Devon (fresh water – tree they jumped from) and Naguamsett (river where rowing crew practiced – ugly – salt water – slow moving)
4. How are the two rivers different? See above
5. What job does Gene apply for? Assistant crew manager for rowing team
6. With whom doe Gene fight? Quackenbush
7. What are the causes for the fight? Quackenbush insults him and when Gene tells him he doesn’t know anything about him, Quackenbush calls him a “maimed son-of-a-bitch.”
8. Who does Mr. Ludsbury call the “old boys”? boys who had been at summer session who should have known school rules – like Gene, Finny, Leper, etc.
9. Who calls Gene on the telephone at the end of the chapter? Finny
10. Why does Gene no longer want to participate in sports? Because Finny can not
Chapter 7
1. Why doesn’t Gene have a roommate? Because Finny has not returned
2. Describe Brinker. Leader of class –
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