A Short Story : A Story?

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The sun shines down on the group, causing them to stir. Mary is the first one awake. She rubs her eyes and groans softly before sitting up. It takes a minute for her eyes to adjust to the light but when she does, she immediately sees a man sitting by the burning fire they put out the night before. He has black hair, a slight tan and is dressed entirely in a black suit. His eyes are a deep red. The sword that Selison was so terrified of is strapped to his waist. “Hello there.” The man’s voice is silky as he smiles at Mary. Upon hearing him speak, Mary lets out a loud shriek. Everyone lurches awake and sees what has Mary so startled. Selison leaps forward and extends his talons. “Wait, Selison!” Zalminis’s shout is too slow. Selison grabs hold of the man and pins him to the ground. “Who are you?!” the young prince shouts. The man chuckles. “Oh, Zalminis. You called me and then didn't tell anyone what I looked like. Poor form.” Selison backs off slightly and looks over to his brother. “Is that true? Is this the person you called?” “Yes. This is the man that will teach you to be king.” “What?” Selison gets off the man and walks over to his brother. “Who is this man? What can he know of Chaos? How can he teach me anything about being king?” “Now, Ursr…” The man stands casually and dusts himself off. “A king should never judge based on first appearances.” “Ursr? Who is this man? How does he know our language?” “I would appreciate it if you addressed any questions about me, to me.”

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