A Short Story : A Story?

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Morning light, the natural alarm clock that tended to slap people into the reality that the safety of sleep was gone and the hell of morning had arrived. This morning felt like all the others, bright and way too early for Naomi to deal with. She tried to roll back over and go back into the safety of her dreams, but the light of the day was tugging at her eyelids to the point where she had to submit and open them. Looking around her humble room, nothing seemed out of place until she had fully woken up. The only thing out of place in the room was her, this wasn’t her bedroom but, she didn’t know what her room should look like. She knew that something was wrong and for the life of her she could not figure out what was wrong. She quickly looked around and was thankful to find a mirror that would allow her to fully look herself over while she racked her brain, which was still waking up for the day, for information about what happened the night prior. In the mirror she focused on her face, it was definitely her face with it’s dimple on the cheek and the bags under her eyes. Her eyes were still the familiar shade of brown that, in the light, looked like gold and other metallic hues had made their way into her irises. Turning her head from side to side she checked that she still had her two ears and felt her hair slide over her shoulders with each flip, the muted gold locks floated effortlessly around her shoulders as she grew more confused. She wasn’t restrained and she

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