A Short Story : A Story?

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A few days had passed and things seemed to have quieted down for me. Not too much was happening on the school front which was surprising because I had figured Keri Mahan and her cohorts would’ve done something completely horrible to me by now other than just defacing my locker. But it appeared as if they were biding their time. At this time, though, I was at home sitting in my living room quietly going about my business doing my homework when it began to rain. I had started to hear the familiar light taps of falling water beginning to kiss the windows and I at once had thought to myself, this still happens on its own? Because, at the time, I was as calm as a cucumber and my mama—who by now I was beginning to question maybe having powers as well—was in the kitchen. So, it couldn’t have been coming from either of us. As I thought about things further I started to wonder a little more if my mama really did indeed have the power to make it rain like I suspected I did, or any other powers for that matter. Not that I had fully convinced myself that I had them yet either. But it did cross my mind that if it were true, that I did have abilities to affect the weather, and if my mama did as well… then maybe that was why that storm which had come through the valley a couple of weeks back had been so bad. I’m referring to the storm that had busted up the windows in the rear of the house and had killed those children in that terrible car accident. I remembered that my mama and

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