A Short Story : A Story?

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An hour later Gavin hands me a cup with a lid,wrote on a piece of tape says ‘Gavin A.’ “Well if this doesn't work let me know,I’m next door after all” I kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you for” He blushes and touches the spot where I kissed him. “It's no problem.I mean it's our duty to society,so what do I do now?” “Well I was about to go to the I guess leave maybe?” He gives me a hug, turns to leave but stops “Hey if you ever need a friend I do live next door so maybe if it's OK with you,we can have lunch sometime?”I nod,smiling,he leaves. I head to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I take down my braids.My brown hair is a mess,it's wild and untamed. It's curly because the braids I had in earlier. My blue eyes become an ocean as I began to sob thinking about my family. I turn on the shower. Awhile later Walking over to the nightstand I grab Silver,he does a cheerful tone of beeps. “Hello Morgan Jones!What can I do you for?” “Hey Silver.Hair:Dry.” Silver beeps as a curtain goes around my head,a few minutes later my hair is completely dry. Silver tucks his limbs under him,making his back into a mirror. I admire his handy work. “Silver great job” He untucks himself and sits on my hand. OK Silver hair:curls:ponytail” “How would you like your curls?” “Medium” “Coming right up” The curtain reappears and in a few minutes my hair is perfectly curled in a ponytail.“Silver body:tan:medium” The curtain goes down my body from head to toe. A light

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