A Short Story : A Story?

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Wind brushed her hair softly as the smell of the sea gave a nice aroma in the air. The girl looked down angrily as her mom placed her bags in the soft sand. “Mom, you cannot seriously let me stay a month at the unknowns of the sea with these people! I don’t even know them!”, the girl cried, her voice a bit shaky from anger she kept inside. The mother shot a glance at her daughter after waving to the nice people who offered to take her daughter on a free trip to the beach, “You know Cassie”. The girl with red grape like hair looked back over at the other girl and her family, they were about four years apart in age difference and had hardly ever talked since bumping into each other at a school trip. “Mom, I don’t know her. I know her name but that’s it! C’mon let me go back home with you and dad!”, the troubled teenager pleaded as she reluctantly followed her mother towards the others. Immediately the girl’s mother ran up to hug the mother of Cassie, as if they had known each other their whole lives, “Thank you so much for inviting my Stephanie to go on a trip with you! She’s very excited and I hope she won’t be much trouble”! Stephanie forced an awkward smile at the people who she was going to be forced to live with for a whole month. This situation would’ve been different if she knew the people she was going with, or even if she just liked the beach, but neither of those had a positive aspect. It was more like a punishment than a vacation. For years Stephanie had always had

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