A Short Story : A Story?

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~I went to school was hanging out with my friends came home and had a nice dinner with my family and went to sleep at the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, woke up to birds chirping~ then I actually woke up "give me the remote!" yelled my sister. "No" my brother shouted. “It's my turn, GIVE IT BACK!" That's what I woke up to every morning. Got myself breakfast because dad went to work and mom wasn't awake and walked to the bus. I sat by myself as always and watched the beautiful trees of Africa pass by. Went through all my classes, science, English, ... Till lunch I asked nicely if I could sit with some of the guys, but they just turned around laughing, I always wondered why …show more content…

I thought was gonna die. But out of nowhere this huge giraffe came out and all the animals ran, including the giraffe that helped me so I was a bit confused, but I ran after it anyway, for a pretty long time until I couldn't anymore. But it stopped running so I finally caught up to it and it said “hola” .. I was so confused why did it just say hi to me in a different language? So I ran back to my tree to go to bed. As I was falling asleep, I continued to think about what had happened earlier. The giraffe saved me from all those animals, but then didn't want to talk to me. Then when I finally got it to say something it was in a different language.. Spanish. So when I woke up I went to the Sahara cafe and got my breakfast same as yesterday, but I also found a Spanish-English dictionary. Then I spent over half the day going around to look for the giraffe and read some words from the dictionary. I finally found the giraffe. I went up to it and it almost ran, but I quickly looked in the dictionary to see what ’wait’ is in Spanish I found it and yelled “ESPERA” So he stopped, turned around looking surprised that I spoke in Spanish but then it looked down and saw the dictionary and it looked less confused. I looked in the dictionary to see how to ask ‘what is your name’ and I asked him “¿como te llamas?” he answered and said “Rafael pero

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