A Short Story

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“Hawke. You're awake?” Isabela asked. Reposing at her side she passed the right index around the nipple-areola of her and, smiling on hearing a small giggle. “Yes, my dear sweet Rivaini?” Positioning the head on the Isabela' neck and kissing her nape with eyes closed, making the Rivaini quiver. “The last trick you did. It was amazing.” Moving up while caressing the upper chest and following towards the neck until her right cheek, pressing the thumb on her lips. “And you're always trying new things for me..., Spells to increase pleasure and your cock and pussy are wonderful, also many positions you mastered.” “Hmm... Bela?” Hawke with eyes now open and unsure of what direction that talk is going to. “Something wrong? Did something …show more content…

“You... Ah! Fuck,” Isabela broke the kiss and looked at Hawke's eyes, “This is one of the reasons I can't abandon you, Hawke. I want you to be mine and mine only.” “What?” A sudden stop while staying with hands extended on the bed looking at her, “Bela.” “I thought about it a lot.” Isabela said to her and started to thought, "She loves me, and I love her; Furthermore, she fucking commanded four ships to kill one of the most dangerous known men for me. Before that also dueled one of the most fearsome Qunari this world took notice gaining my heart. Being not enough, she gave me a fucking ship for love alone.” “Hawke. No, Marian, I love you, and I want you to be mine and, no one else forever, what you always did for me. I want to repay, so would you accept my feelings?” Her wet amber eyes looking at Hawke's blue eyes crying and between hiccups, "Bela. I always loved you." The city still burning while the rest of the Qunari army goes downstairs carrying the Tome of Koslum quietly. Being followed by the Templars led by Meredith and with Orsino at her side to ensure that they will leave Kirkwall. On the top of the stairs where a recent duel happened. Hawke looked down to the Arishok beheaded by her staff, on a challenge she received to protect someone she cares and love. “You bitch born whore. You will not leave. Not now,” Aveline shouted loud enough to make Hawke snap from her thoughts. “You have a lot to answer for..., And you will abandon her, after what just

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