A Short Story : Lisa And The Lisa's Story

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Mona and her mother, Lisa, were two homeless girls who just sought loving and comfort. Lisa – Mona’s mom – worked hard every day at her low paying job, and finally, they had a home. Though it was small, it was still a home. Mona’s father abandoned them when Mona was the size of a kitten. Now, it was Christmas Day, and their first together in a home.
“Mona, look at your presents!” Lisa said, her eyes smiling. Mona was only 5 years old, though she was so young, she was probably smarter than someone 2 times her age. She trudged over to the living room, where the evergreen tree stood. Lisa didn’t have frankly enough to buy it, but a nice store manager lent it to them because no one would buy it. Mona eyed the amazing presents: a hockey table, beautifully wrapped presents, embellished bows, and much more spectacular gifts. There was even a Barbie doll with long, luscious hair. Mona gasped with glee. “Mommy, how’d you obtain all this?” she asked.
Lisa smiled, with her flashing, white teeth. “It’s from Santa,” she replied. It really wasn’t, she saved up the whole year just to see that big, bright, goofy grin on Mona’s face. Mona went to the Barbie doll and played with the pretty blond hair.
Mona’s eyes widened, and she dropped the doll. A large, brown reindeer dropped from the fireplace (which was quite astonishing because it was a very petite fireplace). The reindeer was wearing a red and green scarf, striped socks, and a massive Santa hat. Lisa looked like a

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