A Short Story

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“What do we have to do Austin? What’s this business all about? I wanna court Ms. Ellis and your interrupting me. Some friend you are. Can’t even let an Ol’ man have some fun.” Jess said. “We do have business Jess. If you’ll remember, last night we had a hell of a camp fire and somebody’s gonna be asken’ where the Wilson brother’s bodies are. We’re gonna have a talk with the Sheriff. Then we’re gonna give our ladies some special treatment.” “Oh, now that’s different. I knew you liked Lena.” Jess said as he slapped Austin’s shoulder. “I don’t and what do you mean like Lena? Besides those aren’t the ladies I’m speaking of. I mean Madame and Twighlight. Remember?” “Oh yeah, of course. I knew that.” Jess said. Then mumbling to …show more content…

My deputy’s about as dumb as a door knob but he’s loyal and pretty good with a gun.” “Glad to hear it sheriff, come on Austin. My Twighlight’s awaitin’.” Jess said impatiently. Austin replied “Good enough, have a nice day sheriff.” Leaving the office, Austin asked Jess what his sure fire hurry was. Jess reminded Austin of who he really was and is never comfortable when it comes to the law. Austin apologized, for he had forgotten about the long dead outlaw Jesse James. It was hard for Austin to see Jess as a criminal. Jess hadn’t showed any evil doen’s in his character, except for a little good hearted jesting and that ain’t against the law. Jess was a good man and Austin knew he would stand by him no matter what may come. He also had no doubt that Jess would be there for him. Yep, they had become two of a kind. Entering the stables, Jess began speaking with the stable boy. Jess was giving him no slack. He told him everything he wanted done for their horses and even told him how to do it. Jess was a little harsh on the boy when he said, “these here are our ladies and if’ ins’ you don’t treat them like queens, they will let us know and we’ll hunt you down.” The young boy showed fear in his eyes. Jess was so honoree, even the animals retreated. When ol’ Jess walked out of the stables in a huff and mumbling to himself, Austin approached the boy and smiled. “Ain’t no need in bein’ afraid of him, son. He’s just a blow

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