A Short Story : The Story Of Selison

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“Of course, right this way,” the boy says grabbing Selison’s arm. They walk down a hallway to the right of the room. After a short walk, the boy stops. Before Selison can ask anything, however, he hears a high pitched beep of the boy swiping a key card over a sensor on the wall. After that there is a loud clunk as a pair of large double doors opens in front of them. The boy then leads Selison through the doorway where the shuffling of feet and hurried breathing can be heard. Many different people mover around and talk to one another as they make the last preparations for Selison. The floor is likely to be either a hardwood or tile based on how it feels and sounds when Selison steps on it. Every now and then, the boy prompts Selison to ‘watch out for wires on the ground’ from various lights or electronics. Soon, Selison feels a refreshing breeze and hears a soft buzzing of a fan nearby. As he gets farther and farther into the room, Selison can’t help but feel and hear the workers lull. His new power allows him to feel them staring at him, and he can feel their awe, as well as their apprehension and fear. He can feel all of their emotion without needing to look at them.
“Here is your seat sir.” The young man holds Selison’s arm out so he can feel a chair. As he runs his hands over the material he finds that it is large and made of leather with ample cushion all around. He walks around to the front of it and sits down causing him to sink slightly into the lavish chair. Putting

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