A Short Story : The Story Of Tanya's Story

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Tanya was feeling very sad about recent events. First, her dad, Thomas Halter, lost his job, then she told her friends about it and they felt bad for her and were going to bring her to the mall. Next her dad got a new job and they had to move somewhere near the Buckingham Palace. Lastly her dog, Rufus, got very sick and hasn't been eating very much food, which is causing him to be very skinny. She started to sob, but then her mom came in and helped to comfort her. Tanya decided to spend the rest of her time outside with her dog and friends. She grabbed the leash and called Rufus, he came bounding around the corner, happy to see her. Her little brother, Richard, came around the corner and asked if he could go too, she got very annoyed. Tanya said, "No, I am going with my friends, unless you want to play in the clothing store while we play with all the clothes." "I am okay, I can stay with mom." said Richard. She walked outside and started to jog, when she heard a crazy humming sound. She looked around and saw a truck coming straight at her. She ran away as fast as she could, with Rufus on her heels. They looked in the car and saw the driver was an old woman with a robe. She continued her walk and tried to forget what happened. When she got home she saw her mom looked really stressed out. Her mom said, "Someone got hit by a car, they said it was a girl with a dog, I thought it was you, but you look fine." "Mom, it almost hit me, but do you know who got hit?"

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