A Silence Ended in Scrap dragon by Naomi Kritzer Essay

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Silence is always the calm before the storm. Many years can go by with calm but it takes only one second of a storm for everyone to take notice. There is always another side to a story but it is rare that people hear that side. The silence someone can hold inside is a powerful good or it can be a crushing detriment. In the story “Scrap dragon” by
Naomi Kritzer she describes the story of a princess, but it’s in the view of the reader.
The Reader happens to be someone reading a story to a younger child, and the child becomes a voice to a voiceless heroine by rewriting the story as it is being recited to her. The princess in the original story is destined for a possibly grim death. The little child out of feeling of sadness and an …show more content…

Naomi Kritzer describes a story in within a story, as there is danger the Young Child edits the story and turns it into a less gruesome scene. That can be described as giving a voice to a scared character who didn’t want to die and was given a second chance. Print cannot talk unless someone makes it talk and brings it to life. Furthermore, the young child thinks the princess is possibly lonely and edits the story by hoping that she has companions who happen to be animals follow her around. That is a fairy tale trope that involves friendship and caring animals. As the princess ended up dying the young child was not happy and when it was revealed that the safety of the city had another hope in the princess’s little sister, happiness returned to the story. The hope was the younger sister would fight the dragon, but the young child provided a voice yet again and would rather the story not take another possible horrific turn. The younger sister was named Heather and she also was voiceless, but like her older sister the young child found a way to at least attempt to give her a voice. As Heather would call for her dog the young child would say “The dog better not die in this story.” With reassurance the reader said that the dog would not die. As the story continued the young child went from voice of the voiceless to a complainer of some sort,

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