A Social Stigma View Traditional Marriage

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We as a social stigma view traditional marriage proposals between a man and a woman normal, standard, and unique. Within a traditional wedding after the man has proposed to the woman normally the woman gets ready for her special day, she puts on makeup, does her hair, and is nervous. The woman wears a beautiful gown of her choice and her makeup is flawless her hair must be gorgeous. The groom is excited to see his future to be wife. He has shaved, showered, and dresses accordingly to the special occasion. The couples wait patiently for the reception to have a big or small gathering. Normally the soon to be bride is anxious and wants everything perfect by everything I mean decorations, flowers, photos, table arrangements, …show more content…

The "traditional values" expect the man to propose to the woman and family has gatherings. Later they get together and discuss future arrangements. Family is mostly involved in the wedding decisions and celebrations. Now times have changed 2017, and we have females asking males for engagement, which is partially normal. Mostly all the work is done by the female, invitations, deciding on ring styles, dress styles, even on how they want the groom to show up and be dressed. In the advertisement the female proposes to her partner where she has a smile on her face. Somehow, that smile portraits into laughter. It shows that the woman is laughing in comfort or she is laughing out of nervousness. The Ad did not leave the traditional colors of the wedding behind; there are whites, blacks, soft blues, flowers, arrangements and a peculiar setting. Whenever someone talks about engagement settings normally what comes to mind is outdoors in a nature environment for example; the woods, cabins, parks, hotels, amusement parks, you name it but on top of the building is not really talked about. Is that some type of retaliation or form of expression? Maybe the couple chose something closed intimate for themselves not so much drama like I said times have changed. The decorations, one sees decent champagne glasses not something cheap or bulged. Many couples decide on cute center pieces for the tables like candles, flowers, or cute little ornaments. This couple

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