A Streetcar Named Desire By Blanche Dubois

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The character of Blanche Dubois in the play A Streetcar Named Desire is depicted as a victim of her traditional southern upbringing, she struggles to find her place in society where the values of a Southern Belle are no longer relevant nor exist. Blanche Dubois is portrayed as the weaker sex, who is then over powered by Stanley Kowalski, her sister’s working class husband. Blanche Dubois shows a great psychological instability when she is unable to live up to the expectations of a classic and proper Southern Belle. This psychological instability ultimately leads to her to have a metal breakdown, the play ends with Blanche being committed to a mental institution.
Blanche Dubois was raised on the social standard of Southern Belle and her primary goal in life was, according to Southern tradition, was to seek the security of marriage. Unfortunately, she chooses suitors who are not the best companions. Blanche marries Allan Grey for love at a very young age only to find her dreams shattered by her husband’s infidelity with another man. Blanche displays deep-seated psychological instability when she is unable to live up to her expectations as a properly raised Southern belle and also by Stanley’s brutally raping of her, which was to exert his domination over a female victim.
To understand Blanch Dubois mental state, we must understand the ideology of the Southern Belle. Southern belles were raised as sheltered, beautiful, and chaste daughters to become idyllically protected

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