A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

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Throughout Tennessee Williams’s play, “A Streetcar Named Desire” one can learn a large portion about his personal life. In the play the character, Blanche has a mental illness the same as his sister Rose had in her lifetime. Blanche’s ex-husband was also homosexual and he made the point to say that he left her for a man and Williams himself was also a homosexual. Tennessee chose for the story to be based in New Orleans, which was a crumbling town at the time and Williams was living a crumbling life, due to he was battling depression. In his plays a reader can see that he has different views than most men of his time, he developed many of these views due to his travels throughout his life. ““Streetcar” tackled themes of desperation, sexual…show more content…
He chose to include the character Blanche that is based off of his sister Rose. Throughout Williams’s life he had to see what his sister faced everyday while living with schizophrenia. In an article by Cambria Lovelady he shows how Tennessee Williams was very close to his sister and after an operation failed that was supposed to cure her illness, he signed over his estate to her care after his death. Tennessee Williams’s considered her his inspiration for multiple plays he wrote and felt her owed it to her to care for her until her death. Rose effected Williams multiple ways in his life along with his writing. In his play Tennessee Williams’s makes a point to show the audience that Blanche’s husband left her for a homosexual man and he also shows how sexual desires are viewed by the characters. The play talks about how when Blanche found out about her husband he killed himself. In one part of the play Blanche says she used sex to fill the emptiness in her heart. In many of the scenes Williams shows Blanche trying to use different ways to escape from her life such as alcohol and sex. Having sex scenes and many lines about being homosexuality was very uncommon at the time. In Tennessee Williams’s life he was openly homosexual. “A Streetcar Named Desire” and is very much informed by Queer Theory”(Guilber,1). As a child he was told to fear sex and once he overcame this fear that had been instilled into his mind he put it into all
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