A Study Of African History

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Many people think slavery happened after a group of explores from Portuguese started ring the coast of West Africa, but little do they know African Americans were trading themselves way before then. Portuguese explorer Prince Henry, known as the navigator, was the first European to methodically explore Africa and the oceanic to the Indies.[1] Many Europeans thought that Africa 's history was not important. They argued that Africans were inferior to Europeans and they used this to help justify slavery. However, the reality was very different. A study of African history shows that Africa was by no means inferior to Europe. As you can see below, the people who suffered the most from the transatlantic slave trade were civilized, organised and technologically advanced peoples, long before the arrival of European slavers, trying to suggest they were backward peoples.[2]

A major advance was the introduction of the caravel in the mid-15th century, a small ship able to sail windward more than any other in Europe at the time. Evolved from fishing ships designs, they were the first that could leave the coastal cabotage navigation and sail safely on the open. For celestial navigation the Portuguese used the Ephemerides, which experienced a remarkable diffusion in the 15th century. They were astronomical charts plotting the location of the stars over a distinct period of time. These charts revolutionized navigation, allowing to calculating latitude. Using the caravel,

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