A Study of the Environmental Organization, World Wildlife Fund

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Environmental Organization One of the well known organizations that delve into the environmental conservation issue with a lot of enthusiasm is the World Wildlife Fund also known as the WWF. It stands to be one of the best known organizations that are involved in the protection of the endangered species as well as their natural habitats across the globe. WWF has been in existence for more that 45 years now doing the noble job of ensuring that the endangered species are protected and their population revamped (Fund Raiser Insight, 2012). The WWF has an objective of ensuring that 19 of the most important natural locations in the world are properly conserved by the year 2010. This they do by focusing on various campaigns with an aim of making the biggest impact possible. At the present time, the WWF has focused its attention on the snow leopard and the lions, the conservation of forest as well as shifting diet to sustainable seafood. To accomplish their duties, the WWF is funded through contributions which constitute more than 50% of their revenues, there are government grants that are extended to the organization, and there are other donors who significantly contribute to the financial provision of the organization (Michael Bauer, 2012). The vision of the organization is "to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature." And their mission statement is "to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth." The
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