A Successful Man As A Self Made Man

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The self-made man is often portrayed as a story of rags to riches. A person who overcomes any obstacle thrown at him/her and defies all odds. These stories incite a reaction in readers, often leaving them in awe. How can a person become so successful, even though the universe is seemingly against them? The truth Malcolm Gladwell uncovered in his novel “Outliers” is the people at the top of the ladder did not have everything stacked against them. Gladwell says that there is no such concept as a self-made man. Successful people have been helped along the way by a variety of reasons, such as how wealthy their family was, to their birth month. While I feel that there is no such thing as a self-made man because circumstance and motivation are a key factor in how successful one becomes, I feel as if a person’s luck has a lot to deal with them thriving in their career.
In addition, throughout “Outliers” it becomes apparent that the circumstances people have been born into assists them to surpass any competition. For example, technology legends such as Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Vinod Khosla, and Steve Jobs were all born in a one year time span. What a crazy coincidence that four of the most successful men in technology were all born so close to one another. The truth is that certain opportunities arose for all of them in college: easy access to computers. If they had been any older or younger, they would have missed on the opportunities to use the new technology due to being stuck

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