A Summary Of Baby Scumbag In The Movie

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Catarina Benavides

Professor Innes Mitchell

Media Communication

Tuesday Oct. 31, 2017

Generation Like

1. Describe:

As I look around the room I only see hunched shoulders and hidden faces. Every young person in this room has their whole body immersed in their devices where they’re consumed by the many social media platforms where their active presence means everything. Countless hours and full days wasted in these positions and entire lives; vibrant online yet dull in person. This extreme type of media engagement is intense and addicting sometimes leading to very negative results like the milder narcissism to the extreme predatory eye. Two segments of the film that are always troubling to me, are that of Steven Fernandez, otherwise known as Baby Scumbag, as well as that of Daniela Diaz. These are troubling because of the sexual implications.

At such a young age, both of these people have tapped into the marketing strategies that we saw in Dreamworlds 3. Strategies that cater to the male gaze. With Baby Scumbag, it was proven that he would get more views if involved in some sort of scandalous act. This led to videos of the boy with dancing, half naked women, or videos of him groping women in public, all for the entertainment of his mostly anonymous viewers. In the case of Daniela Diaz, in an interview with her mother, she states that her young daughter will get more likes on a photo if it is a full body shot. Many of the photos from her daughter’s Instagram were

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