A Summary On Competitive Rivalry Of AMC

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Industry Analysis (Porters Five Forces) Competitive Rivalry: Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark are known to be AMC’s top competitors though they do have other competition out there. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy just an everyday outing or have a chef-inspired menu, you’ve got three different ways to enjoy AMC theaters with (AMC, AMC Classic, and AMC Dine-In). With the most popular AMC, you’re able to experience all the different amenities, everything from the classic spacious rocking seats to luxury recliners and advanced menus. AMC Classic is more of a hometown theater with a friendly local feel and the standard concession of pretzel bites, nachos, and popcorn. Then last but not least there’s AMC Dine-In. These Theaters are equipped with a full kitchen and offer services ranging from full-service dining or express pick-up. And you’re able to enjoy all of this while enjoying a good film. Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark both, unlike AMC offer, discounted tickets for students and military, and even seniors. However, AMC does have the very popular $5 Ticket Tuesday we all know and love. Even with the different and amenities and price differences, AMC is still the place to be. AMC is a little pricier but so worth it in the sense that you’re getting what you pay for. One of AMC's top competitors here in Tyler, TX would be Studio Movie Grill. A trip to SMG is unlike any other entertainment experience. They have created an amazing movie-going experience with their
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