A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens

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As students complete their twelve years of education, they tend to relearn the same things in history class, and this is for a reason. If you ask any history teacher why students learn history, the most common answer is so our generation doesn’t make the same mistakes previous generations have. Although we always try preventing these things from happening, sometimes it’s inevitable- it’s how you were raised. In this case, injustice between social and economical classes seems to be something you can’t prevent because it’s happened so many times throughout history. For instance, in eighteenth century Paris, Charles Dickens’ wrote A Tale Of Two Cities about the injustices the poor faced on a daily basis from the rich. The movie Selma, which took place in twentieth century America, explained how black americans were denied their basic rights as citizens because of their skin color. The poem Women’s Suffrage from nineteenth century Scotland showed how women, despite the same taxes they paid and crucial roles they played in families, were still not allowed to vote. Injustice will forever be a recurring aspect of human culture between social and economical classes of society because the privileged classes will always overlook the hardship of the suffering. Between each of the pieces, there are many similarities relating back to the theme of inequity among people. After reading and watching all three of the selections, it seems like it can be determined religion is an important

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