A Tragedy Unfolded: The RMS Titanic

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A Tragedy Unfolded On a dark, but star struck, frigid April night in 1912, the North Atlantic became a part in history like no other. Today, she sits 2.4 miles under the ocean, once adored and applauded for her prestigious amenities and sophisticated elegance, The RMS Titanic lays shattered and scattered on the ocean floor. We read about her in articles and see documentaries on television, the luxurious cruise liner that will forever be known as the “unsinkable ship”, tells a story of her own even more than 100 years after her foundering. Throughout the decades we have learned more and more of what happened that fateful night. What happened in the early hours of April 15th, 1912 in the middle of the Atlantic that would have caused this…show more content…
On April 10th, 1912 the Titanic made her maiden voyage with the destination of New York. She left from Southampton, England with stops in Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland (now known as Cobh). (history.com) Titanic’s full title was RMS Titanic. RMS stood for Royal Mail Ship, in all Titanic would pick up more than 4,500 mail sacks and over 400,000 letters, from all of her stops. “Royal Mail Ships had to be fast and reliable. A ship that delivered the mail late would be fined and could lose its official RMS title” (Barron’s, 2011). The passengers that boarded were a range from first-class to third-class, many who boarded as third-class passengers were immigrating to New York in hopes of finding a new life. There were some very wealthy passengers as well. The wealthiest in which was John Jacob Astor. Astor was a millionaire who was traveling back to New York with his new wife (Barron’s, 2001). Whether you were traveling first, second, or third class, the accommodations were more than pleasing. First class suites contained washrooms, bedrooms, lounges, and additional space for servants. They had their own private and covered Promenade Deck, three cafés, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, gymnasium and squash court. In first class dining, women wore their most expensive jewelry and most eloquent dresses, the men donned black suits with black tailcoats and white bows. Dinner could last up to several hours and afterward,

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