A Transitional House For The Disabled

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Proposal for (A transitional house for the disabled)


Mary Noel-Morris
Table of Contents

I. Title Page 1
II. Table of Contents 2
III. Summary of Proposal 3
IV. Problem Statement 3 - 4
V. Goals and Objectives 5 - 6
VI. Project Activities 7
VII. Evaluation 11
VIII. Budget Summary 12
IX. Program Budget 15
X. The Group Process 17

Summary Statement
In the 19th Century, The Government of Canada opened the first institution in 1876, for people with developmental disability just outside of Orillia. The facility had 2,600 residents by the year, 1968.

The number of institutions and the residents were growing continually in the early 1970s. By …show more content…

These individual may want their own freedom to do whatever they want to do especially drinking or taking drugs. If they are on their own out there, they’ll probably stop taking their prescribed medications.

In reality, there are lots of families that are in crisis and when support or help are needed, there’s no choice within the community. People with disabilities and their families should not be forced to select an institution, if they are disabled. They should have the choice to be treated in the comfort of their own home.

There are many barriers that make it hard to solve the problem and it is all because of insufficient funding for programs. In Ontario, the average hourly rate for non-medical home support, which includes companionship and personal assistance, is $20 to $30. The clients that require nursing visits or therapy cost about $50 - $60.

Another problem is when some individuals with or without disability do not qualify for Social Security or In-home care Services. When this occurs, those people would have to remain in the nursing home because there is no one who can help care for them.
We believe what we are proposing is going to make a difference because:

1. There’s a need for programs for people with disabilities who do not need to be in an institution and these programs had not been established.
2. It will expand on In-home Care Services.
3. This program will help

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