A Very Short Story By David Seed

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Science Fiction has proven to be a difficult term to define, but has become one of the most popular genres of all time. We see science fiction in films, poetry, literature and in the imagination of every child. In the novel, A Very Short Introduction by David Seed, he discusses in six chapters the unconventional genre known as science fiction. The In the Novel, A Very Short Story By David Seed, he includes topics such as science and technology, space, aliens, utopias, gender, and its relation to time past, present, and future and so on.
To begin, before reading this book I had a good understanding of science fiction due to the novels that I have read and discussed in class this semester. Having said that I had some problems while …show more content…

David Seed starts off with discussing voyages into space and sea journeys that can be seen in works such as Gulliver’s Travels and Ender's Game. Many people enjoy reading novels on space travel because it’s an actual glance into the future. These stories give us the idea that there could possibly be flying cars, hologram communication, alien interactions and of course settlement onto alien planets. Space travel has been seen in works by H.G. Wells and the late and great Edgar Allen Poe. Space voyages has become and will stay one of the staple genres in science fiction.

Aliens are some of the world’s most controversial and talked about creatures in the universe. People from different cultures, religions, and parts of the world may call them different things, they all share the same concept about the strange people or creatures from different worlds visiting earth. Sightings of aliens and other extraterrestrial beings have been reported for thousands of years, and are still present in today’s day and age. According to David Seed the concept of aliens in science fiction can be understood by three overlapping senses. According to the novel the three senses are “It could refer to startlingly different being sometimes from other planets”, which is the most universal definition of an alien. Second “it could refer to social estrangement”, like we seen in the blood sucking Martians in The War of the worlds

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