Essay on A World Manipulated by Imagination

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Maxwell “Hex” Flemington has always had a normal life. He prefers the nickname “Max” over “Hex”, but after the incidents, he understands why people call him “Hex”. He wakes up, he showers, he eats, he goes to school, and he also has the occasional party or other regular events. However, he has a hidden ability that no one knows about. He has the ability to make his imagination reality. He isn’t quite sure how it works, or how to control it, but he is willing to do anything to find out how to control his ability. When he meets Serenity Amare, Max somehow knows that the keys to controlling his power are right at his fingertips. Serenity mentions a place where people like Max can go to learn how to control his power, this place does not …show more content…

The man at the desk frowned. “That gives our enemy plenty of time to plan and prepare! We need to be ready sooner!” “I’m sorry, but we can’t go any faster without being noticed! I thought you said that you didn’t want to be discovered by our enemies!” The messenger exclaimed. “Fine... Although we cannot get to the main event until later, however, we can make some fireworks right now...” Chapter 1 Max awoke to the sound of his alarm clock, which was on the windowsill right next to where he slept. The glowing digital numbers read 6:30. Max turned the alarm off, got of of bed, grabbed a change of clothes for school, and headed upstairs to shower. After he was done with the shower, Max ate breakfast, and started packing his school supplies. By the time he was done with that, his dad took him to his first day of school. After his dad had pulled away, he noticed another boy get out of a white minivan. The boy looked around, and noticed Max. He ran up to Max, and greeted him. “Hey Josh!” Max said. “Hey Max!” Josh said. Max opened the door to the school, and allowed Josh to enter. After a few others walk in, he closed the door, and proceeded to the Commons, which was just inside. He found Josh sitting on a chair, waiting for Max. Max walked over to him, and asked “So, how was your summer?” “Boring” Josh replied. “Summer is too long...” he groaned. “And what about you Max? Anything eventful?” “The only eventful thing that happened to my was my sister getting married and

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