A World Without Work By Derek Thompson

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In the well-loved tale of the three little pigs, three piglets build themselves houses to protect themselves from the big bad wolf. The first house was made of straw, the second was made of sticks, and the third was made of sturdy bricks. Unfortunately for the unprepared pigs, only the brick house was able to survive the huffing and puffing of the monstrous canine; the big bad wolf destroyed the other two. Just as a house made of weak materials is unable to withstand powerful gusts, an argument without evidence is unable to fend off the attacks of logic. This is the case in Derek Thompson’s article, “A World without Work,” which was published in The Atlantic in July/August 2015. Challenging modern society’s view that the sole purposes of work are to earn money and boost self esteem, this article asserts that work also plays an important role in holding together a community. Therefore, Thompson argues, its removal would have many negative impacts on American society. While "A World without Work" does provide an interesting perspective on the nature of work, the author fails to persuade his audience because he does not clearly define his key terms or provide concrete evidence to support either his main point or his proposed solution to the problem, thereby leaving his argument as weak as a straw house. In “A World without Work,” Derek Thompson argues that in the near future, technology will remove the need for the American workforce, thus causing a major problem in the

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