A person’s views upon television and film can be affected by medias various components. In the

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A person’s views upon television and film can be affected by medias various components. In the films Mulan, Pleasantville and Think Like a Man, media presents gender in distinct forms. Pleasantville illustrates the changes of how sexuality has paved its way into film during the fifties and how women resist being seen as purely housekeepers. While Mulan crushes down the typical patriarchal role in film and presents a woman saving China even though she had to disguise her sexuality to begin with. Then Think Like a Man takes a look into how sexuality and love are stereotyped by a book of guidelines to a successful relationship. Each of these films explore components of gender that relate to labels of everyday social life. Mulan, created in…show more content…
Once Mulan is in training for combat she is treated as a man because no one knows otherwise. However, eventually she gets hurt in war and wakes up and is uncovered. When the captain soldier sees her with breasts and her hair out of a bun they yell at her and tell her that it’s the ultimate dishonor. She just saved them and she still gets threatened. Patriarchy pride is greatly expressed with this. All of a sudden her femininity is the only thing the other soldiers see and they are disgraced. Gender roles in the work force are highly stereotyped. It was seen as a joke to consider a woman a soldier. As discussed in the article, Military Women in Film, Television and Media, author Luckett explains that even though women can be seen to have more screen attention in military films they are stereotype in certain ways. Luckett describes women as serving a sugary morale booster for men” (Luckett,1989:1). Mulan in all senses goes against this stereotype in 21st century film. She fights against the sexuality norms of men being the only ones to enter battle. Therefore, Lucketts concern with “ military service being viewed as incompatible with being femine”(Luckett:1989:7) is clearly demolished as Mulan, a woman, ends up saving China. Ironically she also got the man at the end as well. Not that she needed one but as all Disney movies expressed
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