Aaila Abed: A Military Warrior

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Aaila Abed (witness)

Pedro Álvares Cabral is a military commander. who is remembered today for being the first to reach Brazil, yet he wasn’t. I was there, watching him and his men take over my family and friends. I was only 23-24 years old when Cabral came to Mozique and Calicut. My kind, muslim, attacked his trading post. Why they did it? I’m not sure. Cabral was invited to my home to collect goods, do what he needs, and then leave when finished.
He only fought for self-defense, prove his greatness, and his power. So that we wouldn’t attack again.

I was hiding far enough from where they attacked to see everything that was going on. My family told me that our people attacked their trading post first, so they came to Mozique and Calicut.

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