Abandoning The Will At Live Essay

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Days ago, I read the book "A Field Guide to Getting Lost." One of the life 's realities in the book is death. A girl called Marine abandoned her will to live. She embraced death to avoid bearing consequences. An idiom that reads "Better the devil you know than the angel you don 't" is hardly taken into practice by people. Just like Marine, people are afraid of the unknown. Conversely, they cling to it if the possible known (sociocultural or economic factors) become a burden. The possible known becomes the devil they run from; the unknown (for instance, death) becomes their refuge, the place they find shelter. Accordingly, they give life to the unknown, making the known become ruins. It is easy for a person to abandon the will to live and embrace death when the possible known becomes a burden.
One day when I was seven years old, my mother gave my sister and I a gift. We were in the living room when my mother told me I got the gift not because I deserved it, but because my sister did well in her exams. I knew I was not getting good grades at school. I did accept it, but I still tried because my mother constantly told me to. I worked hard at school for my mother. As a child, I wanted her to acknowledge I was working hard even if I was not as great as my sister. My mother did not acknowledge me and everyone I met told me to work harder. Consequently, my life became centered on school. I once asked myself if the school fees my mother paid for me was

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