Abigail Fisher Case

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The hashtag that took over social media. Many African-American students took to twitter to deliver their responses to Abigail Fisher, and the late Justice Antonin Scalia. With responses such as “How you gon' hate from outside the school? You can't even get in! #StayMadAbby #BlackTexasEx” and “I earned this degree through blood, sweat, white fundamentalist evangelical supremacy, and tears #StayMadAbby” The case known as Fisher v. University of Texas, is to be decided on whether the University of Texas acted fairly against the young woman, and potentially many other individuals. With the suit still impending in the Supreme Court, many awaits the end result of the case.
The case known as Fisher v. University of Texas, was to chosen to be first heard by the Supreme Court in late 2012. It entails a case on affirmative action. Abigail Fisher felt that she had been discriminated against because of her race. She also claimed to have had higher qualifications than her counterparts, and therefore deserved to be admitted into the University of Texas. According to the Washington Post, the suit brought on by Fisher is the first time that the court has revisited affirmative action since its landmark ruling in the 2003
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With the death of Justice Scalia, and recuse from Justice Kagan, the decision must be made with the 7 remaining justices. This case is said to not be original, with several precedents to it, such as Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, there are still many questions that are raised. Many wonder if this case will be the one to dismiss affirmative action amongst the university, and other universities around the nation. Since a final decision has not been made yet, I will be waiting to see what the verdict comes out to be, and how it is handled. Once the Supreme Court makes their final decision: Abigail Fisher, future students, and universities will know exactly where their future
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