Abina Melton's Case Study

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10) There are several interpretations of slavery. Some maybe not having right of free will or, being forced to work while not being paid. This topic is solely based on perception and teachings which makes it a very broad topic. Melton, in this case may had been installed with certain beliefs either from family life or the laws he was told to obey from the queen. Many questions directed to Abina Manasah indicated that Melton was trying to discover if she was a slave based on her employment, treatment or even other witnesses. Abina answered in her honest truth, what she felt was the correct answer to his questions and at the end of the case Melton understood that some crime was committed against this young women in her thoughts, and she wanted justice. However, Melton didn’t want to start troubles between alliances, disturbing the peace and possibly causing many wars, and he also knew that his knowledge of the culture was not enough and allowed other influences to conduct his decision. …show more content…

James Davis the acting attorney on Abina Manasah’s case may have changed the meaning of the words when he was interpreting her words but not the message she was saying. He was of both European and African cultures, and that gave him the understanding of two worlds. Knowing both worlds gave him the means to explain the answer or question in a way that each person would understand. I think that James Davis didn’t alter too much of Abina’s testimony in her eyes, he was just trying to explain the things that she had gone through and why in her culture she was a slave to Melton who is not fluent in the African culture in his language or

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