Evolutionary Theory Of Rape Essay

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The feminist theory is not the only theory about rape. In this section, we are going to examine briefly some other important theories about rape.
We are going to start the discussion with the objectification theory. This theory claims that women are sexually objectified by men, and basically treated as an object (Szymanski et. al., 2011:7). Women are not viewed as a person but as a sexual/physical object, with only purpose to sexually please a man. According to Szymanski et al., (2011:8) this view creates mental health problems to women. Moving on, the evolutionary theory explains rape in a biological form (Lowell, 2010:159). The evolutionary theory of rape claims that rape was a part of the evolution, and in that way men were ‘choosing’ their mate. Also, this theory claims that the men who used this ‘technique’ were able to reproduce more effectively and they could have more children with their traits (Lowell, 2010:159). Furthermore, the supporters of this rape theory said that this voluntary mechanism was the main reason that the human kind continued exists. For this theory rape is not rape, is just a mate selection (Lowell, 2010:159). One more theory is the self-control theory. This theory claims that the male sexually cannot be controlled and that’s why commits rape. Men who hold this belief said that they cannot control their urges, so basically claim that they are not responsible for their actions (Lowell, 2010:159). Supporters of this theory said that women have a

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