Abortion: A Social Injustice Essay

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Every year, as many as a million lives are aborted; lives that could potentially have been your neighbor, your friend, or even your son or daughter. Abortion is the surgical process of killing a baby by various means; and has been in effect since the Supreme Court ruling on Roe V. Wade in 1973 which legalized it nationwide. It was, at first, endorsed as being a woman’s right, but has more recently been viewed by most as the murder of an innocent child. Besides this shift in views, abortion has caused diverse effects on our culture and nation, as well as the death of upwards of 56 million children according to Life News. Our society has been deeply impacted by the effects of abortion and the loss of millions of innocent lives, and Christian…show more content…
During the second trimester, a method is used called Dilation and Evacuation (D&E). During D&E, a forceps is used to take out larger pieces of the child, while a curette scrapes the smaller tissues out. Following this, a vacuum extracts any remaining pieces of the child. During the third trimester, a (now outlawed in most states) procedure is performed called “Partial Birth Abortion” During partial birth abortion, the child is partially delivered, and the skull is subsequently crushed or drilled into, thus killing the child. Besides the fact that abortion has killed millions of innocent children and can have some barbaric techniques, it has had adverse effects socially and globally. Abortion has led to a damaging impact on the family, including difficulties in mother-child bonding, and the devaluation of the child. When a child learns that his mother aborted a previous pregnancy, he comes to realize this could have just as easily been him. He begins to think that his mother may not have wanted him, leading to difficulties in mother and child bonding. In addition, as abortion activists continue to campaign, citing abortion as a women’s right and choice, a child is increasingly looked at as property or a right instead of a blessing or gift. This has been shown to be responsible for the devaluation of the child. According to Dr. Philip G. Ney in an article on the impacts of abortion on
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