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For my final paper I have decided to do a on the ethical and controversial issue of abortion. In this report I will cover both sides of the abortion issue. I will summarize the stands of both Pro-Life advocates and Pro-Choice, by presenting arguments from organizations, authors, and journal articles from each side. As well as give a brief history on abortion and a look at the laws that govern this issue not only here at home but around the world. In conclusion of my report I will give my views on the issue and on which side of the fence my beliefs put me on. So lets begin. Up until the early 1960s abortion was illegal. Almost forty years after the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced to Congress. However, abortion was not…show more content…
The National Abortion Federation is an organization that supports all of the above views and more and publishes numerous resources covering a wide range of subjects related to abortion for health care providers, medical educators, patients and the public. In face of myths and misinformation about abortion, NAF's resources provide medically accurate information that enables women and the public to make informed choices. Their policy focus on the importance of women having access to safe and legal abortion options. They believe that in recent years Congress has made this impossible by banning safe abortion procedures, voting to make a fetus a person for the purposes of federal criminal law, and restricted access to abortion for federal employees, military dependents, Native Americans, and low-income women. They quote the fact that during his eight year stay in office President Bush has nominated over 200 anti-choice judges to the federal bench, has made a host of other anti-choice appointments to non-judicial posts, and has signed anti-choice legislation passed by Congress, and has used his administration to further policies limiting access to safe and legal abortions. Their view is that abortion providers offer quality care to woman in the face of hostility, harassment, and threats of violence. They advise that reproductive health care providers undertake comprehensive security measures to keep staff and
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